We have a mixed bag and that’s just great. It makes us get up in the morning clicking our heels!

Here is a selection of four very different entrepreneurs:

Personal Development

This application is tailored by sector with all the components for a quick start. The solution is on the Internet accessible from desktop and smartphones with links to external learning sources. The construction of the solution allows for a low entry cost for clients.

We are very excited about this company as its objective is to improve productivity in several sectors that we care about.


We reckon this application will revolutionise the publishing business by reducing cost and sharing rewards across the traditional players: authors, agents, publishers and clients. First outputs have been very successful. The underlying algorithms have been patented.


We are excited by a product that was invented in the UK and has had traction in major companies in the UK. Since our involvement, the company has grown and now has a distribution network across European countries. It’s good old-fashioned manufacturing with an innovative concept and huge upside.


This company created a template for UK companies to build International operations with European branding. Dublin is the base, which is close to the UK by culture and language. However, the base allows for unimpeded access to the EU 27 countries and beyond with all the expertise required for expansion.