Welcome to Appligenics – now in our 22nd year

We Work with Entrepreneurs

We work with exciting and energetic entrepreneurs whose business really engages us.

We’ve been there ourselves, raised companies from scratch with little funds, later with venture funds and lived the roller-coaster. Now it’s our turn to give something back by working alongside people with great ideas. We help them to avoid traps, plan long-term, challenge the industry norms and capitalise on their products and services.

In for the Long Term

In our view, every relationship has to start out with long-term objectives. We don’t believe in three-year turnarounds from idea to sale. A business should be there for the long haul with steady growth, managed opportunities, a great team that melds well, care for employees, and have proper governance and financial disciplines. Success is a slow burn.

When you have a solid base you can do anything. You can look at opportunities that might scale the business without breaking it. You can take reasonable risks that are within your capability to handle pressure, especially when a project goes off-piste.

We help as advisers and non-execs. Over decades we have worked with SMEs and very large corporates providing complex solutions that have been recognised as a first. We don’t have a monopoly on good ideas but we have been around enough issues to be a good catalyst for solutions.

We Share your Risk

If it’s a software concept we may help fund development in return for long-term loans or shares.

If you are ready to establish international sales we can work with you to plan, recruit partners and monitor progress. If it helps we may take a percentage of sales instead of a fee.

And if the work is fee-based we are happy to extend reasonable credit for success.